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The perspective of many African entrepreneurs has changed. Not so long ago, almost every entrepreneur had sourced equipment, machinery and even trucks from the Chinese market. But they were quickly disappointed. Although the new products usually cost less than half as much as one from Europe, they quickly discovered drastic differences in quality. If the products functioned at all as they were supposed to, then within the first three months at the latest, defects had to be discovered that led to the defect, many of which the African buyers were not even able to start.

As soon as demand increases, production cannot deliver! Earthmoving machines are subject to the same laws everywhere, so you have to use strong, reliable construction machines. Transports, commercial vehicles, production plants must be accompanied by manufacturers with long experience, with service as well as agreements for the maintenance of the machines.

So it happens that more and more attention is paid to quality instead of quantity.

African countries are working hard to become emerging markets in the next 15 to 30 years! Investment in infrastructure, transformation is booming, local indigenous companies are winning more and more contracts but the technological challenge is weakening and leads to the fact that despite winning large contracts, there is not much money left for a stable foundation and continuity because the equipment is missing, if available, poor or extremely outdated and generally very expensive to rent.

Important: In this project, afriboom GmbH is both the issuer and the end customer/project owner.

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Three questions - one answer: Afriboom Equipment Supply

Why the AES?
With our AFRIBOOM EQUIPMENT Supply (AES) for African entrepreneurs, we want to establish an investment fund with which we enable the financing of German technologies to Africa.

Our target group consists of companies that we have already visited (through several business trips to African countries) and have been following and accompanying their development for years. Many of you have already been present at our AFRIBOOM Business Forums (business delegation trips of African companies to Germany), which we have organised in Germany since 2006. This event will take place in Germany for the 19th time in 2020.

Furthermore, the situation is such that subcontractors can fulfil 99% of their large-scale construction contracts in the infrastructure and real estate market by renting machinery and equipment. This results in very tight margins. If a company were to have at least the minimum required number of its own machines, it would work much more qualitatively and efficiently. The profitability and the development of an own fleet would quickly ensure better prospects with regard to subsequent contracts and thus secure the company's growth.

With our AES we would like to close a gap. We know these companies, their needs and also know the suitable German partners and suppliers from whom we would like to jointly procure the appropriate machines.

What is covered by AES?
Machinery, construction machinery, commercial vehicles (including trucks, buses, vans), but also the needs of small industrial enterprises, in the field of packaging, manufacturing, transformation, trade and microfinance services.

How is repayment guaranteed?
We will always provide security in the form of our own shares, funding measures, guarantees and Hermes guarantees in order to protect ourselves, but also our investors. These are therefore not 100% financings.

In the following, we describe an exemplary process as it will take place once the funding threshold has been reached.


Mr. Kwuamba, from Douala (Cameroon), applies to afriboom GmbH for financing for the expansion of his vehicle fleet. With his company he is active in road construction and needs 5 trucks. After the successful audit of his balance sheets and cash flows, as well as the deposit of a () security, the afriboom GmbH approves the financing for its long-standing customer and pays him 100,000€ from the AES.

Mr. Kwuamba uses his loan to purchase the necessary commercial vehicles from alga, a German partner of afriboom GmbH. However, afriboom GmbH keeps the necessary documents to prove ownership. After the grace period, Mr. Kwuamba repays his loan by monthly instalments to afriboom GmbH. From this, afriboom GmbH settles its debt with the investors of the afriboomcrowd.

AES will mainly finance projects in Cameroon, especially at the beginning. Should the legal situation and other circumstances prove suitable, afriboom GmbH will also finance equipment in the other countries in which it is active. These include: Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia. We will keep you informed about this.

Afriboomcrowd is a company founded by afriboom GmbH ( and initiated crowdinvesting platform for profitable African projects with a focus on developing and emerging countries. The crowdinvesting platform afriboomcrowd enables private investors to benefit financially from a diversity of African projects from the portfolio of afriboom GmbH and at the same time to support local economic development in developing and emerging countries as well as to fight poverty.

The online platform afriboomcrowd is operated by CrowdDesk GmbH. CrowdDesk GmbH is a company independent of afriboom GmbH.
 The cooperation between afriboomcrowd, CrowdDesk GmbH and afriboom GmbH works as follows:
As part of the cooperation, afriboom GmbH focuses on identifying and selecting suitable projects that are proposed to the crowdinvesting platform afriboomcrowd for placement. As a technical financial service provider and financial investment broker, CrowdDesk GmbH provides the technical infrastructure and commercial services and operates the online platform afriboomcrowd

The financial investment intermediary and operator of the internet service platform pursuant to § 2a para. 3 VermAnlG is Investkonzepte GmbH, Otto-Heilmann-Str. 17, 82031 Munich.

As an investor, you receive a return of 5.00 % p.a. (+ 0.50 % in the case of the Early Bird Bonus). (+ 0.50 % in the case of the Early Bird Bonus) with a term of 5 years, for the first time on 01.07.2021.. Repayment is made together with the interest payments owed as part of the annuity payments (annually).

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Notice pursuant to § 12 para. 2 of the German Investment Act (Vermögensanlagegesetz): The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.

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The financial investment intermediary and operator of the internet service platform pursuant to § 2a para. 3 VermAnlG is Investkonzepte GmbH, Otto-Heilmann-Str. 17, 82031 Munich.